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[tools-pmc] What to do with LaunchBar

Hey gang, it’s probably time to start dealing with some of the “misplaced” components that are in projects where they probably don’t match the mandate. The best example was actually done by me and that’s the Launch Bar. It’s a more general UI component that leverages platform debug and launch configuration along with org.eclipse.remote’s IRemoteConnection to initiate launches on connections (Local being one of the connections).

Right now, I put it with the CDT project because I’m not sure where it really belongs and I had commit rights there. But really it should go somewhere where the community can have a better time finding it and getting involved with contributions and such.

Any suggestions for what we should do with it? We’ve talked in the past about an IDE commons project and Greg and I have figured out a plan for that but it can’t just be the two of us so my worry about sustainability of the idea is getting worse. I had thoughts of putting it in TM which is also where org.eclipse.remote should go though that may be like putting the two Subversion projects together (for those who’ve been around long enough to remember that episode).


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