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[tools-pmc] [Request] Graduation from Incubation to Maturity of Buildship


The Buildship project has become part of the Eclipse Mars release train. We are part of the aggregation build since last week, and we have requested inclusion in the Java package and the Eclipse Committers package (answer pending). We have gone through a review process with Buildship 1.0, released in July with Eclipse Mars in the new Marketplace.

We will release Buildship 1.0.3 in time for SR-1 with various fixes to the 1.0 release.

Today, we want to request to graduate out of incubation into maturity in time for Mars SR-1. We have read the documents and believe we are ready. Some details below:

1) Working and demonstrable code base with extensible frameworks and exemplary tools

The current focus of Buildship is to be a tool for Eclipse users. This resolves the biggest pain point: having a solid tool to work with Gradle from within Eclipse. The framework aspect will be covered once we have a better understanding what (if anything) third parties actually want to build on top of Buildship.

2) Active communities

We have an active user community. All communication between the Buildship project and the community takes place at the Gradle Forum for Buildship ( This is the most natural place for Gradle users to ask any Gradle-related questions, including questions about Buildship (which sometimes turn out to be Gradle core questions). Many issues (fixes/enhancements) are reported in the Gradle Forum for Buildship, and we actively handle them - many issues being fixed within a short period of time.

We have a multi-organization community. We have an active relationship with various companies/entities; amongst them are Vogella, RedHat, Itemis, and some others. We receive PRs from them that fix bugs and provide new functionality. We also get constant feedback from developers from the community through BugZilla and through the Forum.

3) The project is operating fully in the open using open source rules of engagement

The source code is hosted publicly on GitHub. Discussions take place in the Gradle Forum for Buildship which is open to everyone. Issues are tracked in’s BugZilla which is public. Daily snapshots of master are published as public update sites on All stories we intend to work on at some point in time are described in GitHub. We respond to all community input quite fast as a sign of appreciation. We highly value input from the community.

4) The project team members have learned the ropes and logistics of being an Eclipse project

We have gotten excellent and very close mentorship from the beginning on from Wayne Beaton and Markus Knauer (thanks!). We adhere to the process to the best of our knowledge and feel comfortable with the process. We actively promote Buildship at conferences, either Eclipse-related events or Gradle-related events.

We get a lot of very positive feedback for Buildship through various channels. Being out of incubation is the next step. Thanks for looking into it.

Kind regards, Etienne, Buildship project lead

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