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Re: [tools-pmc] PMC Approval Requested for Trace Compass release

+1 from me. Looks quite satisfactory for a "0.1.0" release.

The following comments are not part of the "PMC Review" ... just comments from a "naive user's" point of view.
One part of the "docu-ware" I found a little confusing (well ... many of the acronyms and standards I didn't really understand, but assume someone "in that field" would understand them, just fine) ... but, the confusing part to me was at the very beginning .... "will provide an update site for installing its features on top of an existing Eclipse installation as well as a standalone RCP."
I'm sure it'd be obvious "in practice" but not sure how to install a "standalone RCP app" from an update site. I mean, you have to start with something?
I can imagine several ways to do it, or, maybe you meant the RCP app is a separate download?

Again, don't mean any of that as "negative" towards a release. Was just something that sort of jumped out at me, and made me wonder what that meant.

Thanks for the contributions. It looks like very useful software. Not sure why it was "split out" from the Linux Tools project ... but, from what I did understand of the description, looks like it would be very useful to Linux developers. (I assume that's the target audience? Or, is it more for administrators?).

Good luck, and thanks again for your contributions.

From:        Bernd Hufmann <bernd.hufmann@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
To:        <tools-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
Date:        02/26/2015 06:31 AM
Subject:        [tools-pmc] PMC Approval Requested for Trace Compass release
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Dear PMC Members,

The Trace Compass project would like PMC approval for the Trace Compass 0.1.0 release that is scheduled for February 27, 2015.  This is the initial release for this project after moving the source code from the Eclipse Linux Tools project.

The project's IP Log has been submitted and has been approved.


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