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Re: [tools-pmc] Oomph 1.0.0 Release

Hi David,

Thank you for your comments and for replying so quickly!

More comments below...



Am 23.11.2014 um 21:50 schrieb David M Williams:

Thanks for the pointer, and the release!

Since you are calling this "1.0.0" I assume this is also a "graduation review"?

Assuming so, I myself would like to see some of the more typical aspects of a "graduating project" -- you know, like responsive to bugzillas, user lists/forums, tutorials, that you have an "active community" (both committers and users or adopters). To some extent, I know all of this is true, but ... for the sake of documentation would like to see more of it written down in your release review document
I've added respective infos to the PMI record for the release review.

(not to mention, to be explicit that it is also a Graduation Review).
I tried hard, but couldn't find a text ield in the PMI that seemed like an adequate target for this type of release/review-related info. Do you have a suggestion?

I honestly like to see that kind of stuff in every release review document, not just graduating, but think it is more important for graduating projects.

If I've misunderstood (and you have it there in your links or something I missed, or the process is changed now and there is no such thing as a graduation review) feel free to say.
As an elected member of the Eclipse Architecture Council I can confirm that graduation reviews are still required as per section 6.3.2 of the Eclipse Development Process 2014: . And "[...] A graduation review is generally combined with a release review."

I've tried to add information to the PMI in order to confirm all the objectives of a graduation review (as described in ), i.e., "[...] that the Project is/has:"

- a working and demonstratable code base of sufficiently high quality
- active and sufficiently diverse communities: adopters, developers, and users
- operating fully in the open following the Principles and Purposes of Eclipse
- a credit to Eclipse and is functioning well within the larger Eclipse community

And, I don't mean a LOT of extra work on your part ... just a few bullets ... maybe an extra hour or so writing it up?
More like "or so" :P

But I believe that this rework has made the review more valuable to the community. Thank you again for the hints and don't hesitate to ask for more!



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