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Re: [tools-pmc] FW: [CQ 8391] Apache cordova Version: 3.0.0 and later

I feel I'm being asked to "rubber stamp" something that hasn't been fully explained.

I made my initial comments in (where I expressed doubt that it met the sprit of the "works with" clause of

To me, the spirit of that clause is, some Eclipse software is perfectly fine without the pre-req, but the pre-req is typically available, and if it is available, then the user gets some extra functionality. [The example of a "web browser" is given in the document. A more recent example might be the use of SWT's "GTK 3" .. if GTK 3 is available, it uses that for extra functionality, and if not, drops back to using GTK 2. And GTK is pretty much universally available on Linux distributions, and if by chance, neither are available, I believe they have some other "fallback" to use. Notice they do not simply "make GTK easier to get."]

So that leaves me with some unanswered questions: 1) is Tyme useful/usable without it? And this "Cordova" just gives them something extra?
2) It was stated "nothing is being distributed" with Tyme, but the intent was ' make sure Thym users can get set up with Cordova
with minimal effort." I interpret this as opposite of the "works with" clause ... that it is not commonly available, so there is ?something? being distributed that makes it easier to get. What is is that something? What happens if a user does not want to get it?

I hope I don't seem I'm "holding things up" over technicalities ... but I believe it's my (our) responsibility to understand and judge these "rules" as best we can. In that spirit, I'm fully acknowledging I may simply be ignorant of what's being done and what "Cordova" is ... hence ... open and transparent discussion' :)


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Anyone want to deal with this? I¹m not sure why we have to vote on this.
+1 from me in any case.

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>--- Comment #18 from Sharon Corbett <sharon.corbett@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>2014-09-04 10:02:52 ---
>Thanks Doug;
>Unfortunately there actually needs to be an "open and transparent"
>on the matter to ensure the exception meets the Eclipse Third Party
>Guidelines [1] followed by PMC voting on the issue.  This needs to be
>and most projects perform this via the PMC Mailing List.
>Typical rule of thumb is to use the standard voting rule...Five days max
>until everybody votes), minimum of 3 +1s, no -1s.
>The PMC Mailing URL is then provided back here in order for the IP Team to
>process the request accordingly.
>Can I leave this with you and/or David to initiate and provide an update
>of the relevant URL when the vote has completed?
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