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[tools-pmc] [CQ 8391] Apache cordova Version: 3.0.0 and later

David Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx> changed:

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--- Comment #7 from David Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx>  2014-06-19 20:16:18 ---
Doesn't sound like "works with" to me, from my reading of
= = = = 
a) Works-with Dependencies:
The Eclipse software does not require the third party software to be present.
If the third
party software happens to be present, the Eclipse software may call or invoke
Example: If a web browser is present, clicking on URL's in Eclipse will cause
the user's
configured web browser to open the URL.
The Eclipse software is designed to work with multiple third party software
choices that
provide similar functionality - the choice of which to use is up to the user.
At least one of
those must be a prerequisite (see below) or approved by the EMO for
distribution by the
project. Example: If a project requires a persistence mechanism, it can allow
the user to
select from several different implementations.
= = = = = = = 

Also does nnt sound like an "exempt prereq", from same document: 
= = = = = 
a. A prerequisite may be classified as "exempt" by the EMO if the software is
pervasive in
nature, expected to be already on the user's machine, and/or an IP review would
either impossible, impractical, or inadvisable. Exempt prerequisites can be
approved for
use by the EMO without IP review. Examples: Windows XP, Sun JRE. However, an
exempt prerequisite may be disallowed by the EMO at its discretion.
= = = = =  = = 

Or, I should say, if it is an "exempt-prepreq", it would be due to "an IP
review would be
either impossible, impractical, or inadvisable. "
= = = = = = = = 

Otherwise, it'd just installing something "under the covers" ... but users
should still know about it, probably be presented with "license" for
acceptance, etc. 

I've no idea of it's size, etc., but ideally would not be "impossible,
impractical, or inadvisable". We'll see what IP staff says ... but, at least
has a compatible license (i.e. not GPL). 

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