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Re: [tools-pmc] Call today

Thanks, David, no worries. I know it's an especially busy time this week (as I monitor progress towards a CDT rebuild today :).

We didn't talk too much about the proposal other than to raise lots of questions that we need to figure out on the scope and how the project and it's components would be managed. We should go through specific issues on the list here and work towards answers.

I'll be around in July so I figure we could go ahead with the meeting. Whoever can make it can make it.


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Apologies for missing the meeting ... and then after declining another meting using "Tools PMC" as the excuse ... but, then got "pulled aside" on another problem and ended up missing them both.

I'll take a look at the proposal ... and not sure if you kept notes .... but, was wondering when next meeting will be ... will we be meeting in July?


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Hey gang,

Reminder of the call today at the top of the hour. I'd like to find out how we're doing with the Commons project proposal. I have a new feature (my launch toolbar) I'd like to add there. If we're a ways from getting there, I'll add it to CDT and move down later.

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