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Re: [tools-pmc] TM Project Lead

I believe the first step is to document (vote) "their request for you to take over PL job" on the tm-dev mailing list.
I quickly scanned a few months of
and did not see mention of it ... though, saw some mention of it in your meeting minutes.

But, your right, after the "committer discussion and vote" has been documented, the PMC would approve, and in fact, after that, then the EMO approves (not to worry, it's not a board decision :) ... I have never seen them say "no" (though, not sure that I would) ... and then EMO updates their databases.

So, if that "committer discussion and vote" has been had (and documented somewhere) then let us know the link and I know you'd get my approval to do more work than you already do :)

Hope that is helpful,

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Date:        03/18/2014 08:55 PM
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I understand that David Dykstal no longer wishes to be PL of the TM project. I was asked by David Dykstal, Dave McKnight and Anna Dushistova (the active TM committers) to take over the PL job, which I’m willing to do. I’m presuming that the Tools PMC will also need to approve this. Is there anything else that needs to be done?

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