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[tools-pmc] Default icon and provider name for tools sub-projects

Some time ago I had initiated to drive some standardization w.r.t. provider name and icon, to be used by tools sub-projects as part of their branding.

I think it would be beneficial if all tools sub-projects would use the same provider name and could - if desired - use a default icon, because:

1) Using a standardized provider name that reflects the Tools projects affiliation could help to make the top-level project structure more transparent to our community.

2) Infrastructure projects like GEF, which do not want to provide an own icon, could use the default icon. If a standardized (or at least default) provider name is used in addition, all projects using the default icon would be grouped together under the Eclipse about dialog, reducing the clutter that is currently there (currently GEF uses the Modeling icon and default provider; but GEF is no modeling sub-project, so I would not expect it to do so).

As David has already announced on this list in December, we solved the problem of a missing tools icon by contributing one (; actually there are two variants of a tools logo, one with text and one without.

What has to be decided thus is: 

- Is it desired to standardize the provider name for all tools sub-projects or leave this open to sub-projects and only propose a default?

- Which 32-bit icon should be declared as the default icon (elipse-tools-Bildmarke32.png or PNG/elipse-tools-logo32.png) and what should be the standard (or the default) provider name ("Eclipse Tools", etc.)?

Please comment!

Best Regards
Alexander Nyßen

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