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[tools-pmc] [CQ 7705] createrepo Version: 0.10

--- Comment #8 from Alexander Kurtakov <akurtako@xxxxxxxxxx>  2013-11-08 03:35:58 ---
(In reply to comment #6)
> I've started the discussion on the Tools PMC list. I did have some questions
> ... Alex, you can answer here, or on the Tools PMC list, which ever is more
> convenient for you. 
> = = = = = =
> Tools PMC, 
> This CQ is a "works with" request that needs our discussion and approval. 
> For a reminder as to what that means, see
> On the surface it seems like a good case for "works with". My questions, which
> I'll ask in the CQ are 
- if this is "pervasive" (e.g. already on (Linux) users> machines)
No, users have to install it manually as it's not installed by default
- is it valid only for one vendor's distribution of Linux, or many
createrepo is pretty much the unified way to create rpm repositories as such is
known to be good for use for Fedora, Suse, RHEL (and derivatives - CentOS,
ScientificLinux) probably other RPM based distributions.

-if the "function" does anything useful if not present 
Yes, it will, an editor for preparing the metadata (*.repo) file, allowing to
prepare the repository for building, define the content of the repository and
preparing it. The thing that would not function if createrepo is actually
building the repository (aka generate the repomd file and friends) in order to
make the repository deployable.
> ... while the CQ says
> it "fails gracefully" if not present, I assume it still _requires_ a user to
> get the prerequisite package if they want the function? 
If user want to get deployable repository it's mandatory, but preparing the
metadata and the actual content of a repository takes more time.

> (Or, is it "built in"
> to most distributions). Lastly, are there other alternatives a user might want
> to use to produce an rpm-like package? 

There is also which is exactly the same
tool but implemented in C and GPLv2 too , there are online tools like Koji,
OBS, Copr that provide similar functionality but the use cases are not exactly
the same.

I hope this explains most.

> Or, perhaps of of you on the PMC already know the answers to these questions? 
> Thanks,
> = = = = = =

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