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[tools-pmc] [CQ 7705] createrepo Version: 0.10

David Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx> changed:

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--- Comment #6 from David Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx>  2013-11-07 14:08:46 ---
I've started the discussion on the Tools PMC list. I did have some questions
... Alex, you can answer here, or on the Tools PMC list, which ever is more
convenient for you. 

= = = = = =

Tools PMC, 

This CQ is a "works with" request that needs our discussion and approval.

For a reminder as to what that means, see

On the surface it seems like a good case for "works with". My questions, which
I'll ask in the CQ are if this is "pervasive" (e.g. already on (Linux) users
machines), is it valid only for one vendor's distribution of Linux, or many,
and if the "function" does anything useful if not present ... while the CQ says
it "fails gracefully" if not present, I assume it still _requires_ a user to
get the prerequisite package if they want the function? (Or, is it "built in"
to most distributions). Lastly, are there other alternatives a user might want
to use to produce an rpm-like package? 

Or, perhaps of of you on the PMC already know the answers to these questions? 


= = = = = =

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