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[tools-pmc] PMC approval needed for committer vote for Genevieve Bastien

tools PMC Members,
This automatically generated message marks the completion of voting for
Genevieve Bastien's Committer status on the tools.linuxtools project. As a
PMC member, you can approve or disapprove this vote through your My
Foundation portal page:

Genevieve Bastien was nominated by Alexandre Montplaisir as follows:
I would like to nominate =?UTF-8?Q?Genevi=C3=83=C2=A8ve?= Bastien as a committer to the Linux
Tools project. =?UTF-8?Q?Genevi=C3=83=C2=A8ve?= has been working on the LTTng plugin since last
February. She has contributed many improvements to the CTF parser and
adaptor, to enable new functionality of the CTF spec. Examples of such

Add functions to verify if events are present in a CTF Trace

Add support for Variant fields

Add support for StructDefinition fields

Correct endianness when reading ctf integers

Use same field format in properties and events views

Keep event fields ordering as per ctf metadata

She also did some miscellaneous fixes and improvements to the framework,

=?UTF-8?Q?Genevi=C3=83=C2=A8ve?= is also currently working on many attractive features, like time
synchronization between traces, experiment types (for specific analyses,
like host+VM traces together) and critical path analysis. These features
will make LTTng and Linux Tools much more able to address real-world needs.
I believe she would make a great addition to the team!

Vote summary: 8/0/0 with 11 not voting 
   ?  Elliott Baron
  +1  Camilo Bernal
   ?  Francois Chouinard
   ?  Krzysztof Daniel
   ?  Rodrigo Fraxino Araujo
   ?  Severin Gehwolf
  +1  Roland Grunberg
   ?  Daniel Henrique Barboza
  +1  Bernd Hufmann
  +1  Jeff Johnston
  +1  Matthew Khouzam
   ?  Alexander Kurtakov
   ?  Rafael Medeiros Teixeira
  +1  Alexandre Montplaisir
   ?  Andrew Overholt
   ?  Otavio Pontes
  +1  Xavier Raynaud
  +1  Patrick Tasse
   ?  Sami Wagiaalla

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