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Re: [tools-pmc] Memory Analyzer 1.3.0 Release Review



Good hint about OQL abbreviation! I just edited the description to spell it out the first time:


Improvements and bug fixes in the Object Query Language (OQL) functionality



I hope this will make the description more understandable.





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Minor comment ... while I'm embarrassed to admit it now that I've looked it up in Wikipedia ... I wasn't immediately familiar with the acronym "OCL" ... I might have missed it, but did not see it "spelled out" anywhere in your review doc.

But, other than that minor thing, I thought it was very good.


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Hi Tools PMC,
Please approve the release review for Memory Analyzer  1.3.0 (this is our Kepler release). I’ve prepared the documentation in the PMI:
IP Log has been submitted and is awaiting approval.
Krum Tsvetkov
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