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[tools-pmc] PMC approval needed for committer vote for Chris Navarro

tools PMC Members,
This automatically generated message marks the completion of voting for
Chris Navarro's Committer status on the tools.ptp project. As a PMC member,
you can approve or disapprove this vote through your My Foundation portal

Chris Navarro was nominated by Greg Watson as follows:
Chris has made some significant contributions to PTP, in particular his
recent work on merging the ETFw and JAXB frameworks. Chris has also
assisted in a number of PTP tutorials, and presented at PTP BOFs and
developer meetings. He is an active contributor to PTP developer calls.

In addition to working on ETFw, Chris has also been active in locating and
resolving bugs, including: 

332565	PTP	Service	ptp-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx	NEW	---	need to be able to save
service configurations	2012-03-22
369871	PTP	Debug UI	g.watson@xxxxxxxxxxxx	RESO	FIXE	No debug output when
using JAXB RM	2012-05-31
375674	PTP	Remote T	g.watson@xxxxxxxxxxxx	RESO	FIXE	Not possible to use
extension point org.eclipse.ptp.remote.core.remoteServerOverride to change
properties	2012-05-25
380707	PTP	RM	g.watson@xxxxxxxxxxxx	RESO	FIXE	Get Job Output/Error do not
enable after job completion (RC1)	2012-06-07
394121	PTP	EMS	jeffreyoverbey@xxxxxxx	RESO	FIXE	Module list may not display
after checking Enable Env Mgmt	2013-03-11
396449	PTP	ETFw	g.watson@xxxxxxxxxxxx	RESO	FIXE	ETFw launch wizard
broken	2012-12-12
397684	PTP	ETFw	g.watson@xxxxxxxxxxxx	ASSI	---	ETFw using JAXB
framework	Thu 11:33
397685	PTP	ETFw	cmnavarr@xxxxxxxxxxxx	ASSI	---	TAU JAXB workflow for
ETFw	Fri 15:49
399550	PTP	RM	g.watson@xxxxxxxxxxxx	RESO	FIXE	Add Custom Widget Extension
Point to Resource Manager	2013-02-15
400004	EPP	parallel	epp.packager-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx	NEW	---	Error 'Failed to
create the Java Virtual Machine' with epp-parallel windows 32 package on
Windows XP	2013-02-14
401950	PTP	Launch	tibbitts@xxxxxxxxxx	NEW	---	Improve selection of Target
System Configuration in Launch Dialog	Mon 22:12
402487	PTP	RM	g.watson@xxxxxxxxxxxx	RESO	FIXE	[JAXB]  element is not
handled correctly	2013-03-07
402677	PTP	ETFw	cmnavarr@xxxxxxxxxxxx	RESO	FIXE	NPE when no tool selected
with new ETFw w/ JAXB parsing	2013-03-12
402787	PTP	ETFw	cmnavarr@xxxxxxxxxxxx	ASSI	---	Move ETFW Version menu to
preference page	10:03:28
403521	PTP	ETFw	g.watson@xxxxxxxxxxxx	RESO	FIXE	Perfsuite ETFw workflow	Fri
403704	PTP	Core	tibbitts@xxxxxxxxxx	NEW	---	Target System Configuration
selection with ContentProposalAdapter fails to register selection with
Linux	10:10:35

Please support Chris's nomination for PTP committer!

Vote summary: 7/0/0 with 12 not voting 
   ?  John Eblen
   ?  Wolfgang Frings
   ?  Tu Hong Jun (Catherine)
   ?  Alan Humphrey
   ?  Jie Jiang
   ?  Carsten Karbach
   ?  Claudia Knobloch
   ?  Vivian Kong
   ?  Mike Kucera
  +1  Rong Li
   ?  John Liu
  +1  Jeffrey Overbey
   ?  Chris Recoskie
   ?  Roland Schulz
  +1  Wyatt Spear
  +1  Beth Tibbitts
  +1  Greg Watson
  +1  Brian Watt
  +1  David Wootton

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