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[tools-pmc] PMC approval needed for committer vote for Brian Watt

tools PMC Members,
This automatically generated message marks the completion of voting for
Brian Watt's Committer status on the tools.ptp project. As a PMC member,
you can approve or disapprove this vote through your My Foundation portal

Brian Watt was nominated by Greg Watson as follows:
Brian has made a number of contributions to PTP, in particular his recent
work on adding a custom widget extension point to the JAXB framework. Brian
also presented at the Chicago PTP developer meeting, and is an active
contributor to PTP developer calls. He uses many of the features of PTP in
his daily development activities, and this has been used as a case study in
a number of forums.

In addition to working on ETFw, Brian has also been active in locating and
resolving bugs, including:

399550	PTP	RM	bwatt@xxxxxxxxxx	ASSI	---	Add Custom Widget Extension Point
to Resource Manager	15:11:20
369550	PTP	Remote T	bwatt@xxxxxxxxxx	RESO	FIXE	Misspelled FILE, PATH and
370759	PTP	RDT.sync	bwatt@xxxxxxxxxx	CLOS	FIXE	Copying synch'ed project
fails	2012-09-21
399002	PTP	Core	bwatt@xxxxxxxxxx	NEW	---	Remove // TODO Auto-generated
method stub	2013-02-05
399001	PTP	Core	bwatt@xxxxxxxxxx	RESO	FIXE	Fix spelling: UNDERTERMINED ->
389320	PTP	RDT.sync	bwatt@xxxxxxxxxx	CLOS	DUPL	Select Filter in Pattern
View and display in Entry fields	2013-01-24
390953	PTP	ETFw	bwatt@xxxxxxxxxx	CLOS	FIXE	Make tooluitab class attribute
required in schema	2013-01-08
394018	PTP	ETFw	bwatt@xxxxxxxxxx	CLOS	FIXE	ETFw's ToolPane's performApply
is getting an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds	2012-11-12
382294	PTP	ETFw	bwatt@xxxxxxxxxx	ASSI	---	ToolOption extension point for
ETFw	2012-09-21
382292	PTP	ETFw	bwatt@xxxxxxxxxx	CLOS	FIXE	Gray-out ETFw tab when tool not
selected	2012-09-21
385241	PTP	ETFw	bwatt@xxxxxxxxxx	CLOS	FIXE	ToolOption method name
setIsArgumetn misspelled	2012-09-21
385242	PTP	ETFw	bwatt@xxxxxxxxxx	CLOS	FIXE	NullPointerException in
ExternalToolSelectionTab	2012-09-21
385244	PTP	ETFw	bwatt@xxxxxxxxxx	CLOS	FIXE	IllegalArgumentException: Index
out of bounds if nothing selected in ToolOption	2012-09-25

Please support Brian's nomination for committer!

Vote summary: 8/0/0 with 11 not voting 
  +1  John Eblen
  +1  Wolfgang Frings
   ?  Tu Hong Jun (Catherine)
   ?  Alan Humphrey
   ?  Jie Jiang
  +1  Carsten Karbach
   ?  Claudia Knobloch
   ?  Vivian Kong
   ?  Dieter Krachtus
   ?  Mike Kucera
   ?  Rong Li
   ?  John Liu
  +1  Jeffrey Overbey
   ?  Chris Recoskie
   ?  Roland Schulz
  +1  Wyatt Spear
  +1  Beth Tibbitts
  +1  Greg Watson
  +1  David Wootton

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