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Re: [tools-pmc] EDT 0.8.2 Release Review Request

+1 Looks good to me. Appears many of your features are coming along nicely.

I was going to say "4 incubator releases sounds like a lot, when are you going to graduate"? Then saw you mention 1.0 which is I guess your graduation. Will that be your next release? When is that planned?
Are you going to want to be part of the Kepler Simultaneous Release? (If so, you're not in aggregation builds yet, are you? Or have I just lost track?).

Not sure what to say about "code contributions so far only from IBM". I don't see it as a problem, per se, because I know you are not "resistant" to new comers/outsiders. But, obviously a good thing to work toward.  If it is a matter of "one producer, many adopters", perhaps you can convince them to supply unit tests, since that'd be in their own best business interest to make sure your code runs as they've adopted it? Other than that, I've never been very good at "recruiting" ... so not much advice.

Congratulations and best of luck,

From:        Xue Ming Zuo <zuoxm@xxxxxxxxxx>
To:        tools-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx,
Date:        01/04/2013 12:57 AM
Subject:        [tools-pmc] EDT 0.8.2 Release Review Request
Sent by:        tools-pmc-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Tools PMC,
I'm writing to request your review for the EDT 0.8.2 release. Attached below is the release review document. The
IP Log is awaiting approval.
(See attached file: EDT 0.8.2 ReleaseReview-010313.odp)

The planned release date of EDT 0.8.2 is Jan 11th, so your prompt response will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Best regards,
Eric Xueming Zuo (左学明)

Manager, RBD/RDz Development
IBM China Development Lab (CDL)

86-10-82453123 | + zuoxm@xxxxxxxxxx

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."  - Albert Einstein[attachment "EDT 0.8.2 ReleaseReview-010313.odp" deleted by David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM]
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