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[tools-pmc] Request for release review go-ahead: AspectJ 1.7.0 and AJDT 2.2.0


I had a quick look through the archives for this mailing list and
don't see many review requests but based on the process here:

I think I need to OK a release review with my PMC first.  Hence this email.

I want to schedule release reviews for AspectJ 1.7.0 and AJDT 2.2.0.

AspectJ 1.7.0 is our first release that supports Java 7 (the new
source code features and the bytecode changes like invokedynamic).

AJDT 2.2.0 is the Eclipse 3.7/4.2 AspectJ tooling release that will
include AspectJ 1.7.0.

Please can you confirm I'm ok to go ahead with a review.  The IPlogs
have been submitted today and the docuware is just about finished.

many thanks,
Andy Clement

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