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Re: [tools-pmc] Xtend2


Could you explain the reason you're calling the project Xtend2?

Here's why I'm asking: Eclipse's standard trademark guidelines state that we
claim the project name as a trademark. For that reason, I think it may be
cleaner and simpler to simply call the project Xtend.

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> Hi all,
> coming back to this, what would be the preferred way to propose Xtend2 as
> a project under Tools?
> Wayne said a simple restructuring would be sufficient, while Doug would
> to hear more about our expectations regarding community growth.
> Let me write something down here, so you can provide comments.
> The general idea is to move the already IP-approved code from Xtext to
> tools.xtend changing the namespace of the bundles to 'org.eclipse.xtend2'.
> The first release under the new project would be 2.3 and should be
> as part of the Juno release train in June, 2012.
> *Committers*
> This would be the list of initial committers :
>  - Dennis Huebner, itemis
>  - Holger Schill, itemis
>  - Jan Koehnlein, itemis
>  - Knut Wannheden, paranor
>  - Michael Clay, codeworkz
>  - Moritz Eysholdt, itemis
>  - Sebastian Zarnekow, itemis
>  - Sven Efftinge, itemis (proposed project lead)
> All of them have contributed and plan to contribute on the code base.
> *Scope*
> The scope of the language is to offer a modern and concise alternative to
> Java implementations. The project contains anything from the definition
> implementation of the language to all kinds of tools supporting
> with the language, including powerful Eclipse-based IDE-support.
> *Description*
> The language Xtend has a strong focus on leveraging all the good parts of
> Java, including seamless integration with the huge amount of Java
> frameworks and libraries out there. Experienced Java developers can get
> started with Xtend in almost no time, since everything is so familiar. The
> editor integrates tightly with Eclipse's Java tooling to ensure a seamless
> integration in the IDE as well. Everyone who knows how JDT works, will
> understand the Xtend IDE right away.
> The good parts of Java make for a great basis, but Xtend is all about
> extending that. For instance, you can now simply discard all that
> you are used to generate using your IDE. Reasonable defaults, type
> inference, and some other powerful features can make code surprisingly
> readable. Closures and operator overloading are fun things to have as
> With Xtend you can use such beyond-Java features without learning a whole
> new language.
> Xtend is not meant to be a replacement for Java but serves more as an add-
> on. When working with Xtend you still write the interfaces, enums, and
> annotations in Java. There's currently little value in changing the syntax
> these concepts, as they are already very compact, well-known, and tooling-
> wise nicely supported. However, this might change in the future.
> *Community*
> To support the growth of the community we are going to:
>  - provide a solid and high-quality technology
>  - be supportive in bugzilla
>  - be supportive on the mailing list
>  - write blog posts
>  - write articles
>  - give presentations
> I personally don't have any expectations regarding community growth.
> The goal is to make Xtend a language/tool which is helpful and enjoyable
> use.
> Comments are welcome!
> Best Regards,
> Sven
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