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[tools-pmc] [CQ 5814] Version: ?? (PB CQ3915)

--- Comment #4 from Brian Svihovec <svihovec@xxxxxxxxxx>  2011-11-18 15:48:16 ---
During a recent review of the EDT project, the following third party library
reference was flagged as possibly needing a CQ:

Bundle: org.eclipse.edt.ide.rui_0.7.0.v201110251332.jar

The comment provided was, "If these libraries are being used indirectly by EDT
code, then they shouldn't require an entry in the bundle manifest. If they are
being used directly, then a CQ is required."

We are using this code directly to run a Test Server in the IDE, so we opened
this CQ.  

As mentioned in comment 3, we are referencing the version of Jetty that ships
with Eclipse.

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