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[tools-pmc] PMC approval needed for committer vote for Huo Zhen Zhong

tools PMC Members,
This automatically generated message marks the completion of voting for Huo
Zhen Zhong's Committer status on the tools.edt project. As a PMC member,
you can approve or disapprove this vote through your My Foundation portal

Huo Zhen Zhong was nominated by Tony Chen as follows:

I nominate Huo Zhen Zhong to be a committer for EDT project. Huo Zhen Zhong
is the owner of RUI Visual Editor(VE) which is a very important and complex
component in EDT. Zhen Zhong ported the initial VE code from RBD and made
numerous fixes to make VE work with the EDT language model and the new
generation architecture. Zhen Zhong also owns refactoring and has made a
lot of contribution to refactoring function. Below is a list of
bugs/enhancement he has resolved. 

359354	HTML Error Generator is missed
362159	Delete the widget from outline view with MVC code in EGL produces
compilation error
358719	PartNotFoundException thrown from WidgetDescriptorFactory
359775	EGL Data view's insert data wizards needs to clean up the dataType
362254	Create RUIHandler wizard sometimes open the source tab regardless of
the VE preference setting
362366	Code is always being generated for VE but shouldn't
359472	Extra elements in Outline view for RadioGroup with properties that
don't work
359468	Most properties are missing for Dojo widgets in the Properties view
of the RUI editor
359506	VE got no error message when resource binding setting was wrong
359510	Performance issue when undo in the VE
360373	RuiHandler opened in source editor by default when creating
361340	refresh and show in web browser is gray in preview
352761	Add EGL data view and DnD support for VE
352767	Add RUI preference pages
358176	The refresh button will un-do the drag and drop result
358356	Not all of the parts are imported for the code generated by EGL Data
358359	The code generated by Data view cannot be displayed in the VE
358526	compiler wrong to compile org.eclipse.edt.rui.mvc.FormField to
358841	The undo action in the VE does not work correctly
358851	The external type widgets can be neither selected in VE nor
displayed in outline view
358988	add import does not work
359171	No data widget show in the wizard when drag&drop an int type from
EGL data view
359180	VE server cannot load the js files of Dojo Charting theme
359181	Selection should be remembered in Drag and Drop Insert Data Wizard
359355	investigation of dynamic loading of VE
359356	The position of boxes is not correct for the customized container
widgets in VE
359403	dojo widget property display wrong
359508	Performance issue when dragging a new type of widget to the VE
359570	Can't change values of Combo in VE
360308	The prompt message is not correct when input negative value to the
size input-box
360310	The EGL source code generated by new variable wizard (EGL data view)
has syntax errors
360337	Input invalid characters/reserved words in the field name of new EGL
variable wizard does not prompt error message
360383	Display issue when add more RUI handlers
360390	Combo can not add values via properties view
360433	Lots of widgets are missing in Palette
360616	selectionMode can not be set via properties view for a new DataGrid
360759	Properties - "selection" of ListMulti will introduce egl error
360762	Dojo RadioGroup: The selection button for options property misses in
360901	Properties - RadioGroup can not add new options via the properties
360909	Insert Data wizard - widget mapping problem for the decimal type
(porting Money type from RBD)
361205	widgets fail to be DnD into containers
361610	Delete error popup while trying to remove 2nd and 3rd level widgets
in Outlin view
352763	Add properties view support for VE
352757	Add RUI Visual Editor
355794	The VE editor cannot be opened
354161	Primitive type compatibility verification
356704	Auto open suitable editor
356039	VE prints 'document.write("could not open %handler_name%");' when
opening the RUI handlers
356432	The default handler displayed blank contents in the VE
356702	The data item should not be displayed in 'EGL Rich  UI Data Wizard'
356703	Partial of button can be selected in VE
357394	RUI Preview catches two exceptions
357430	VE can not show widget even by default RuiHandler created by wizard
358169	Dojo widget cannot be selected in VE/outline view
358040	The any array type should not be displayed in the EGL Data view
358042	The outline view display nothing with the default RUIHandler
358171	The VE cannot reflect the changes if without saving changes
358182	The palette cannot load all of the RUI widgets after restarting the
358190	Controller is not generated
360287	VE is extremely slow
356138	Provide single editor for .egl files
359507	[RBD] generated file should be removed when the source file is

Vote summary: 10/0/0 with 13 not voting 
   ?  Aaron Allsbrook
  +1  Xiao Bin Chen
  +1  Tony Chen
   ?  Alice Connors
  +1  Jeffrey Douglas
  +1  Yun Feng Ma
   ?  Scott Greer
   ?  Paul Harmon
  +1  Matt Heitz
  +1  Jiyong Huang
   ?  Lisa Lasher
  +1  Ben Margolis
   ?  Jing Qian
  +1  Theresa Ramsey
   ?  Jon Shavor
   ?  Will Smythe
  +1  Justin Spadea
   ?  Brian Svihovec
   ?  John Trevisan (ClearBlade)
   ?  Bart Van Campenhout
   ?  Joseph Vincens
   ?  Tim W Wilson
  +1  Zhi Zhu

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