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Re: [tools-pmc] Request for permission to re-contribute to Indigo

My fault, I suggested the bugzilla (via an earlier email) ... either is fine, IMHO, but I think those most interested in "doing the respin" are following that bug, and easier to have the back and forth "almost ready?" .. "ready" sorts of discussion in bugzilla.

But cross-project would be better for non-leaf projects, where impact to others would be greater. So, if you think cross-project important for this case, I'm sure Stephen wouldn't mind.

Even then, technically, should have Tools PMC approval first :) ... but, we've not seemed to do that in that past, so I recommended Stephen post here "for awareness") ... again, if anyone wants a more formal PMC Approval step, that'd be fine, but wouldn't want to hold up the teams efforts too long.


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How is this related to the bug? You should be asking on the cross-projects list, I think, no?

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> Subject: [tools-pmc] Request for permission to re-contribute to Indigo
> I just posted a request on bug 349267 [1] asking for permission to re-
> contribute to the next aggregator run, see the bug for details.
> Please let me know if you have any questions or objections,
> thanks,
> Stephan
> [1]
>      Investigate and consider Indigo respin for file handle regression
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