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[tools-pmc] Draft of docuware for Object Teams combined review


At EclipseCon I spoke to some of you about our next review which we'd like
to be a combined review for
 -  our next release (to be part of Indigo)
 -  graduation of the Object Teams project

I've prepared a draft of the docuware and uploaded it to

Please let me know if you see any information missing from this document.
Also tell me any other concerns you might have.

Secondly, I'd like to consult you regarding the timing:
Our project plan currently spells out:

M7		May 6, 2011  	0.8 M7 (Feature Freeze)
RC1		May 20, 2011	0.8 RC1
RC2		May 27, 2011	0.8 RC2 (Implementation Freeze)
RC3		June 3, 2011 	2.0.0 RC3 (Releng Freeze)
Final	June 22, 2011	2.0.0 Final

When writing this plan I'm hoping that our review could happen
pretty much *on* RC2, so we have a few days for changing version
numbers from 0.8Mx to 2.0. When saying on RC2, my preferred
day would actually be May 25 (one day after RC2 +2) - knowing that
this is before the bulk of the Indigo reviews.
Any suggestions?

In order to apply for a May 25 review I would have to contact EMO like
tomorrow, right? (one week for announcement, one week review period).

IP log has already been submitted, BTW.


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