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[tools-pmc] Representation for Tools PMC on the Eclipse Planning Council

Hi Team,

I represent the Tools PMC on the planning council. In terms of IBM representation, Dave Williams is also on the planning council and on the tools PMC. Dave and myself were speaking that perhaps it is redundant to have both of us on the planning council. In addition, given all of my Eclipse commitments, I have not really had a chance to exercise any leadership on the planning council for all of the various tools projects in the last year. We were thinking now is a good time to hand the representation off to one of the other tools PMC members. We were thinking Doug Schaefer would be a great candidate.

I have spoken to Dave about this already, Dave spoke to Doug already at EclipseCon and I hear we have Doug's approval. I guess we just need confirmation from Doug on the forum and a 1+ from everyone.

Thanks in advance Doug.


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