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[tools-pmc] On joining Indigo

Hi Tools PMC, 
hi Mentors,

I would like the Object Teams Project to join Indigo during the M3 frame.

It appears that we will set a precedent in some regards, so I'm asking you
what should be the suitable forum for discussion.

I've created a wiki page [1] for our preparation for Indigo, where some
issues are marked red - they might call for some discussion, specifically:

 o todo: document non-standard usage 
    o usage of internal classes 
    o aspect binding to bundle 
      o decapsulation 
      o interception 
    o patch feature for org.eclipse.jdt.core ..."

Technically, both the usage of a patch feature and the OT/Equinox
technology create non-standard dependencies/relationships.
We want to be as open as possible, which is why I also filed bug 316702 [2]
which aims at a very general solution, not just for Object Teams.
I'd love to see a lively discussion on that bug, BTW.

On a more formal notion, which of these issues will require approval
by some body of the Eclipse community, and which body would that be?


[2] (against p2): 
     "More feedback on what's installing"

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