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Re: [tools-pmc] DSDP restructuring document and scheduling

I believe that David has what he needs to get the IP Log for RTSC submitted. I still need an IP log for TM.

I will schedule the review to start this Wednesday while I hunt down the missing log.


Russo, David wrote:



There are no downloads for RTSC yet.  We've been very slow getting to this point.  The core sources are in SVN and these are used to create a freely available XDCtools product distribution from Texas Instruments.  For completeness, the product from Texas Instruments includes some GPL tools such as GNU make and a cygwin shell.


As for the IP log, I'm working on it. 


I do have a question about the section regarding the "Third Party Software" section:  We have dependencies on two third party "packages" (ANTLR, Rhino) but, even through there are no downloads (yet), I'm assuming I simply need to list all such dependencies as well as IPZilla #'s for permission.




From: Wayne Beaton [mailto:wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Monday, September 20, 2010 11:06 AM
To: DSDP PMC list; Technology PMC; Tools PMC mailing list
Cc: wayne parrott; Gorkem.Ercan@xxxxxxxxx; CLONINGER ERIC-DCP874; Doug Schaefer; Russo, David; Oberhuber, Martin
Subject: Re: DSDP restructuring document and scheduling


Hey folks. September 22 is approaching.

Any last-minute objections to scheduling the community review from Sept 22-29?

I am missing the IP Logs for RTSC, and TM. I'll need both of those before I can schedule the review.

While I'm at it... I can't find any downloads for RTSC. Do they exist?



Wayne Beaton wrote:

I'd like to schedule the DSDP Restructuring/Termination review for the
week of Sept 22-29. Any objections?
To summarize:
DSDP gets archived
Blinki gets terminated
DD gets terminated
MTJ moves to subproject of Sequoyah
NAB gets terminated
RTSC moves to Technology
Sequoyah moves to Tools
TCF splits from TM and becomes a new subproject of CDT
Rest of TM moves to Tools
I'll take a run at the "Actions after" for MTJ later today.
I'll take a snapshot of the wiki page to use as the review documentation
as we get closer to the Sept 22 start date.

Wayne Beaton, The Eclipse Foundation
Join me at Eclipse Summit Europe 2010!

Wayne Beaton, The Eclipse Foundation
Join me at Eclipse Summit Europe 2010!

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