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[tools-pmc] [CQ 4464] Object Teams OTJLD Tests

--- Comment #3 from Stephan Herrmann <stephan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  2010-09-14 13:11:51 ---
This contribution was been held back when submitting CQ 3784 for two reasons:

1 The original implementation was built using a test framework called JACKS,
  which is licensed under the GPL and thus cannot be used at Eclipse.

2 The initial tests have been developed by a company outside the original
  project consortium.

To resolve (1) the test suite was transformed into a JUnit (plug-in) test suite
which no longer depends on JACKS.

Regarding (2) that company has been contacted an a verbal consent to this 
submission was given.

This contribution is not intended to be released to users but shall be used
during test runs on

Logically, this contribution is part of the plugin 
org.eclipse.objectteams.otdt.tests which is part of CQ 3784.

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