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[tools-pmc] [CQ 4427] JRuby Version: 1.5.1

--- Comment #14 from Kaloyan Raev <kaloyan.raev@xxxxxxx>  2010-09-01 05:38:23 ---
David, this CQ is related to a new enhancement for the Eclipse Memory Analyzer
described in bug 318989. This new enhancement will be available for users as a
separate optional feature. Existing functionality in the Memory Analyzer is not
affected in any way. 

This new enhancement implements a "JRuby resolver" for the Memory Analyzer.
This means that if you have jruby execution in your heap dump, then you will
get additional information about jruby "things" in the generated report. 

For the actual resolution of jruby-related data in the heap dump, we need to
call the jruby runtime - hence the dependency to the jruby.jar. At the same
time, part of the resolver's code needs to compile against JRuby classes. We
are currently redesigning the implementation in a way that this dependency is
optional. This means that if the jruby.jar is not present as a bundle in the
Eclipse installation, then the JRuby resolver is not triggered, i.e. the Memory
Analyzer behaves like the JRuby features is not installed. 

Luckily, the jruby.jar is distributed on the download site as an OSGi
bundle. We are able to easily implement a UI in the Memory Analyzer, that
enables users to install this JAR themselves (after downloading it) without
doing any modifications. 

I hope this clarifies the situation. 

My understanding is that this is a "works with" dependency. We expect users to
do the additional action of downloading this JAR themselves, or consciously hit
a button in the Memory Analyzer UI that will do the same for them (similarly to
how EclipseLink can be installed). 

Thanks for taking care for the PMC discussion. 

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