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Re: [tools-pmc] Tools PMC meeting

I'm fine with no meeting ... don't know of any "helios issues" that would require it,
but some discussion on this list might help ensure a stress free release process.

From looking at the checklists,
it appears most projects are compliant with most of the basics ... but I think some of them
(especially GEF and CDT :) might have some updates they could easily make?

I'm not sure what to do with the "executive summary" item in the checklist.
The intent was for the PMC to summarize and approve all the projects that are
requesting a helios release.

Anthony, at our last meeting, we all thought you should provide this document,
since you are the PMC Planning Council representative. [Actually, just kidding,
everyone else said they couldn't/wouldn't do it ... so wondering if you could?
Actually, maybe John said he would? I went to look at the meeting minutes to
check and it appears
maybe they got misfiled, since I don't see them at the normal URL, and pretty
sure John said he'd post the minutes. At least, he didn't say "no" when I said
I assumed he would :) ].

Since no project has asked us for that PMC Executive summary link, I suspect this
requirement is unclear and/or lacks follow through. Its (partial) text says

"A Project's PMC must approve the projects request for review (a normal Eclipse requirement). In addition, to help organize and streamline the yearly Simultaneous release, a PMC must provide their approval in writing, in the form of a short summary of their projects that are requesting review and summary of the PMC's discussion or method of approving them. (This is meant to be very brief, such as 1/2 to 1 page). The short summary can be documented in a mailing list, PMC Meeting notes, or even a wiki document. A pointer (URL) to the document should be provided to EMO, and will be included in the same notice to the community that provides pointers to the Project Docuware. "

At a minimum, I do think we as a PMC do need to approve the request of a project to release,
and Wayne/EMO has asked for a brief 1 paragraph summary from each project
(not following up on this consolidation attempt) but we could still consolidate those
if anyone thought it worth while. (I do ... but don't want to say we have to if no one else
see value in it).  

Any other suggestions?

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likewise unless there is something that we need to deal with for Helios...


On 2010-05-25, at 12:12 PM, Doug Schaefer wrote:

No prob. I'm pretty busy with Helios for the next couple of weeks. I wouldn't mind skipping this round.

On Tue, May 25, 2010 at 11:32 AM, John Duimovich <John_Duimovich@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Apologies but I have a customer commitment during the tools PMC scheduled call.

We can reschedule or you can go ahead without me.


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