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Re: [tools-pmc] Comments re dependency on BCEL

Sounds good.  Remember to enter a CQ requesting the reuse of BCEL from Orbit.

As for packaging, that is really up to you and your user community. The only approval I can think of would be as part of the release review. Would be useful to mention in there that you make available standalone deployments.


On 2010-02-19, at 10:30 AM, Stephan Herrmann wrote:

> Dear PMC,
> Here's some background on CQ 3805 (use of BCEL from Orbit), 
> just so to keep you informed:
> Originally, Object Teams maintained its own version of BCEL (branched
> of bcel 4.4.1, i.e.: pre-apache times). 
> I contacted Andy Clement about their usage of BCEL for AspectJ and 
> learned two things:
> * the original BCEL project at apache is not active enough to accept 
>   patches from us
> * his version of BCEL deviates so much from the original that migrating
>   to his version would be very difficult.
> While technically we share many experiences in using and patching BCEL
> direct re-use/cooperation did not look promising.
> At that point I invested efforts at migrating to a stock BCEL 5.2.
> To my own surprise after some work it all worked out fine, so we no longer
> need to maintain a modified BCEL but we'll be happy with reusing it
> from Orbit, not even need to repackage or anything.
> Only one little question remains that I already asked Sharon, but maybe 
> you have a quick answer:
> For batch use outside the IDE users will need to download three things:
> - Object Teams batch compiler (just like JDT's)
> - Object Teams runtime (one jar)
> - org.apache.bcel_5.2.0.jar
> What's the recommended way for distributing such things? Just zip all
> three jars into one downloadable archive? Would such packaging require
> additional approval?
> regards,
> Stephan
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