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[tools-pmc] FW: [cobol-dev] COBOL out of Interest

Can we please schedule a Termination Review for the COBOL project?

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Hello all,

haven't heard of you for a long time! Therefore I come to the 
conclusion, that you aren't interested in the Cobol-IDE any longer. No 
wonder, because there has never been a working version of this software 
since I joined the mailing list  in 2003. The original programmers 
either did not do what they promised or did so and now hide their code 
somewhere. Also the commiters had a hard time in finding something to 
offer to the public. Some advisers influenced the project, which might 
be a reason for what we have now: nothing works here with COBOL and 
Eclipse. On the other hand I know of and have heard of 
COBOL-Eclipse-plugins in operation. Starting from the scratch was never 
effectively possible here, because there was no initial version to start 
with. Maybe the problem lies in the column orientation of a widely used 
COBOL dialect. I myself did my work and have a working COBOL editor and 
navigator now

and I'd be interested in a feedback, if you take a look at it.


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