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Re: [tools-pmc] Object Teams proposal

On Thu, 15 Oct 2009 03:42:44 am Doug Schaefer wrote:

> They share motivation but not necessarily 
> technology. In some sense, all the compiled languages share the same 
> motivation and probably more technology than these two but we aren't 
> pushing them together

Thanks, I couldn't find better words for it.

Once I'll prepare the slides for the creation review, you'll probably
see that there's more differences between AspectJ and OT/J than 

What I'd consider more interesting is the common interfaces that our
IDEs have towards other components of Eclipse. Some examples:
 - Andrew Eisenberg from AJDT an me already joined forces in a feature
   request regarding p2, which made provisioning both the AJDT and the
   OTDT much easier.
 - I recently contributed a small patch against the PDE to make their
   source lookup aware of JSR-045, which _should_ be interesting for
   AspectJ, too.
Many more interfaces come to mind: JDT/UI, Debug, JDT/Debug, PDE/UI etc.
where the AJDT and the OTDT have some common interests.
It'd be cool to coordinate future feature requests.
In that business AJDT and OTDT would naturally be partners,
not parent-child.


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