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Re: [tools-pmc] Object Teams proposal

I'll do everything to establish clearity regarding the JACKS issue, but I
feel that this question is being overrated at this point of the discussion?

On Fri, 9 Oct 2009 04:58:00 am David M Williams wrote:
> [...]
> First time through I did not read the last phrase "... to be suitable for 
> inclusion into Jacks ...". So, that sounds like a special case of test 
> cases contributed back to the Jacks project and does not apply to all test 
> cases created with Jacks (as I first thought). I assume your tests are not 
> "included into Jacks". 

Indeed. This hits the nail.

So we have:

(1) We definitely do not plan on distributing this from Eclipse 
download sites.

(2) The test cases we wrote were never submitted for inclusion in 
JACKS, so I see no reason why the test cases should fall under
the GPL.

(3) The test cases use an API of about 7 tcl functions, they could
be modified to do the same without actually using JACKS.

FWIW, the "JACKS test framework" is approx. 1200 LOC, our test cases
are 67290 LOC. So the GPL code is not the deal, our non-GPL test cases
are what matters.

What are your comments on associating Object Teams under Tools specifically?


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