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RE: [tools-pmc] Object Teams proposal

On the JACKS question, if it is a development-time or build-time tool, then
its likely not an issue.

If there is any need to distribute it with EPL code, that would be a real

> > You say, "All software of the Object Teams software has been developed
> > using the following infrastructure: ... A specific test suite for
compiler and
> > runtime based on the JACKS framework". From a quick glance, JACKS
> > to be GPL, and its web page states that even the test cases that use it
> > GPL. I believe GPL is incompatible with EPL, so that can't come over to
> > Eclipse.(Right?)
> You're very quick at this, I only noticed this conflict after submitting
> our proposal. I see several options:
>  - Since JACKS was developed by the IBM jikes team, perhaps we could
> negotiate EPL compatible licencing (cf. the JDT/Core uses the jikes parser
> generator).
>  - I believe as the copyright holder of the test cases we could still
> create standalone test cases (not using JACKS) and provide them under the
> no?
>    The connection to JACKS is very loose, so this is doable (with some
> effort).
>  - Only in the worst case we would maintain these tests outside Eclipse
>    only publish the test results on the Eclipse servers.

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