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Re: [tools-pmc] Project Leads Call

Hey Doug,

You probably already have my email...


On Sep 15, 2009, at 4:21 PM, Doug Schaefer wrote:

Hey PMC and everyone else watching,

I have promised to organize an all project leads call for this month's PMC call. Give the date and the lack of organization, that isn't going to happen by next Wed. I'd like to give at least two weeks notice. (and it lets us use this call for our regular PMC business).

For the Tools project leads following this list, please respond so we can see your e-mail address ;), which is the big first step.

We'd like to start holding regular calls so that we can talk about the issues of the day and make sure everyone is connected to the Eclipse processes so we don't get nasty surprises down the road.

This first meeting will be mainly an introduction to each other and to get the ball rolling.

Once I get the list of all the project leads, I'll start to organize a time.

Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience.

CDT Doug
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