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RE: [tools-pmc] Adding Bundle to Orbit

This is the submitted CQ for H2 Database -
When the CQ is approved I will ping again regarding Orbit contribution.

Thanks for clarifying,
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A couple of points to clarify: 

1. CQ#3377 specifies "optional, workswith" status ... which means EMF
not distribute the bundle, but does document that if someone happens to 
have it installed, then they will take advantage of it. See

for full details on the policy and procedures for "non distributed" 
third-party bundles. 

2. If PDT or DLTK also wanted to have such an optional, workswith 
relationship with this bundle, then that would not involve Orbit, as 
nothing is ever distributed from Eclipse. PDT or DLTK (or both) only
to submit their own CQ's, similar to the EMF one. This type of CQ is 
mostly just a matter of documenting what a project claims they "work
and gets a cursory examination from IP staff, not as detailed as a 
re-distribution CQ ... as I understand it. 

3. If it is desired be redistribute the bundle, and even if it does go 
into Orbit, each project that wants to use it, has to have their own CQ 
that says they are distributing it. And before it goes into Orbit, there

should be one project that says, via CQ, they plan to use and distribute

it (whether or not it is in Orbit). Once there is one of those project
approved, then that CQ can be the prerequisite CQ to propose to put it 
into Orbit. The EMF CQ doesn't qualify for that "pre-req project" since 
they are not actually redistributing it. So, if PDT or DLTK wanted to 
redistribute that bundle, they should be the first to submit a CQ for 
redistribution. Once that CQ is approved, then an Orbit CQ could be open

to propose putting it into Orbit. 

That's my understanding. Let me know if I can help further. 


"Roy Ganor" <roy@xxxxxxxx>
08/23/2009 03:21 AM
[tools-pmc] Adding Bundle to Orbit
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This email follows the ?Adding Bundle to Orbit? process as mentioned in 
this wiki, if I missed 
something please let me know.
According to CQ#3377, requested by the emf team ? the h2 Database is 
approved to be used under the Eclipse Foundation projects.
Eclipse PDT/DLTK teams worked toward improving the Index performance by 
using the h2 database, hence it will be useful to have Orbit
of the h2 instance at
Please approve the usage of the 3rd party library in the Eclipse
Thank you for your time,
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