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[tools-pmc] works with dependencies for Mylyn

For the Galileo release Mylyn has introduced linking of third party "Mylyn
Connectors" via a new "Connector Discovery" UI.  From a user experience and
an IP point of view this is identical to WTP's support for listing and
install of Server Adapters (screenshot attached).  We cleared this with
Janet's team way back, but when fixing up our documentation, I just today
noticed that we should get our PMC to approve Mylyn Connectors as being a
"works with" dependency.  The line I had missed is:

	2. "works-with" dependencies as determined by the PMC are approved
	use by the projects without further EMO review.

The full document is at:

Our description as to why these match all of the "works with" dependency
criteria is in the "Third Party Dependencies" section of:

To summarize, I would like to ask the Tools PMC to approve that Mylyn
Connectors are "works with" dependencies, or to open up a discussion if
there is any question about that.

Best regards,


Mik Kersten, Ph.D.
Project Lead:

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