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[tools-pmc] Fw: [] Reminder of Planning Council meeting next Wednesday, 5/6

Hi Team,

Please see the below email. Can someone represent tools next week? I am away.

Anthony Hunter mailto:anthonyh@xxxxxxxxxx
Software Development Manager: Eclipse Open Source Components
IBM Rational Software: Aurora / GEF / GMF / Modeling Tools
Phone: 613-270-4613

----- Forwarded by Anthony Hunter/Ottawa/IBM on 05/01/2009 11:30 AM -----


David M Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx>



05/01/2009 11:26 AM


[] Reminder of Planning Council meeting next Wednesday, 5/6

At 12:00 Eastern Time.

Please add items to the agenda as you'd like and update "action" items you
had from last meeting.

I think this will be an important meeting, since we need to assess the
state we are in for Galileo release.

What to do about projects that are not yet in the build?

What to do about projects that have not completed all the "must do" items?

Remember, it is not enough to say "we don't care" ... we get paid to care!

More specifically, our adopters, community, the EMO, and our Employers (in
most cases) do care,
and depend on us to give some statement of our readiness and expected
delivery in June.

I could imagine this taking many forms:

a. we erred on some of the 'must do' items and they should have been
'should do'.
b. some projects have good reasons for some exceptions
c. we need to slip the release date to give everyone a chance to comply (I
know, sounds extreme, right?)
d. some projects are not ready, and they should slip their release so they
can mature a bit more.

Next Wednesday, we should discuss what the right answer is and what action
we would like to take. Project by project, item by item.

Naturally, part of this is to be sure that you understand the status of
projects in your "area" (as either PMC rep, or strategic member rep) and
can brief the rest of us. Please approach the task with the following
mindset: if a project in your area is not compliant, assume they are 'off
the train' and you need to either a. explain that to the project you
represent, or b. convince the rest of us they are an exception to the


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