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RE: [Fwd: Re: [tools-pmc] Request approval for Greg Watson as Photran committer]

I am sure we can figure something out to provision your commit rights.




Is there any way that I can get commit access in the mean time? 


From: "Webmaster (Karl Matthias)" <webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hey Doug,

There is a problem in this one situation with the lack of complete Portal support for third level sub-projects/components.  We asked them to conduct just this one election on the mailing list as doing so in the Portal required us doing some bad things to the database.  This problem is caused by the fact that the existing Photran committers are not committers on PTP (this is an unusual situation).  Existing Portal support in the election code for components relied on the committerships being a the sub-project level (how it used to be).  That has changed but the code has not.  The plan is for that to get fixed this quarter.  Thanks for checking with us on it.


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