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Re: [tools-pmc] PMC approval needed for committer vote for Kalin

For me this is easy.  Committers are people who need write access to the repos etc. I am all in favor of having help managing bugs and keeping that flowing.  If there is an issue with how we can enable that, that is the issue to address. 


David M Williams wrote:

Did we let this drop? Or, just rest a while? I'll take it upon myself to talk to Denis and come back with a proposal.

Well, these guys are very active testers who help a lot for the QA side of PDT 2.0 / PDT 2.1.
I asked Denis Roy specifically if there is a chance to give them permissions to Bugzilla (as testers) and he said no, you should nominate them as committers and give them permissions to Bugzilla only.

I missed this on first reading. Sounds like Denis was just suggesting the steps to follow to get "bugzilla committer rights" but without being a committer in the normal sense of the word. When the repository information was requested it'd be left blank or "bugzilla only" written in. And, in IP Logs, these "bugzilla committers" should not show up, since while they may have added to the quality of the project, they wouldn't have contributed Intellectual Property. In other words, sounds like we would have two camps of committers, with slightly different rules and implications ... and it'd sure make the infrastructure easier if the process was about the same.

So, I can imagine several outcomes ... some short term, some long term.

Please direct me what to do ...

In the short term, keep a flexible, open mind :)
I know on some projects I've worked on, people that wanted to verify or move bugs or assign priorities, etc., (which only committers can do) would simply write the information in bug entry, and route it to a committer to mark or correct in the database fields.

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