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[tools-pmc] RE: PDT 2.0 formal release review

Thanks, Roy, Following the Ecilpse development process is critical to the continuing participation of this project at Eclipse. There's a bit too much history here and I'm glad you're working to rectify that.
In the meantime, you must pull the PDT 2.0 bits off the Eclipse server, or at least rename them as a release candidate. Projects are not allowed to distribute releases until they've had their release review.

From: Roy Ganor [mailto:roy@xxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2008 3:33 AM
To: Anne Jacko
Cc: John Duimovich; Schaefer, Doug; Bjorn Freeman-Benson; Michael Spector
Subject: PDT 2.0 formal release review

Hi Anne,

Eclipse PDT 2.0 was scheduled 7 month ago, and is anticipated by the community for long time ago. Since I am new to the Eclipse review process (and this is not an excuse but an explanation) I would be happy to done with this process as fast as the Eclipse Foundation can (and yes I am aware of the holidays).


Can you please schedule a review process as soon as you can? I will send you the slides soon.


Roy Ganor
Eclipse PDT Project Lead,

tel.    +972-3-7539637
mob. +972-52-3290-754
Zend Technologies Ltd.



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