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[tools-pmc] COBOL Termination Review cancelled

Title: New Page 1
Cobol Developers, Tools PMC, 

Based on the renewed activity and interest on the COBOL developer mailing list
we will continue the project for a while and see if it can be revived to
a functioning Eclipse project:

> But now we got new developers from this September and start trying to 
> update COBOL IDE Plug-in, from Eclipse 3.0 to 3.4.

We (the Tools PMC) will continue to monitor the progress of the project.
Our requirement is only that the project be active - it does not have to
be extremely active or tops in productivity, but only that it be active:
answer user's questions when they appear in the newsgroups, have open
discussions of the features, plans, and progress on the cobol-dev mailing
list, and continue to make steady progress on the code base and bugs.
The major failing of the COBOL project in the past few years has been
"going dark" and not communicating with the community so as long as the
newly revived project has that communication, then the Tools PMC will
be satisfied.

Thank you for your efforts...

Bjorn Freeman-Benson
for the Tools PMC
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