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Re: [tools-pmc] Division of project plan reviews

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Well, it was supposed to be finalized at the end of September, but as a Tools PMC member, I'm satisfied that the Mylyn team has a plan and that the plan is plausible and makes sense, so from now it's just whatever improvements you all want to make to it; there's no need to summarize with deltas. We (the PMC) will continue to look at the plans of all the projects on a regular basis, but the key hurdle was getting all the plans in an initial form for the upcoming Roadmap later this fall.


Mik Kersten wrote:

Just fyi, we are still incorporating some feedback and making additions to the Mylyn plan.  It will be finalized before the end of October unless I hear that it has to be finalized before then.  I can summarize a delta if that’s helpful.

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