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[tools-pmc] [CQ 2606] ANTLR Version: 3.1b (PB CQ2446)

--- Comment #4 from Barb Cochrane <barb.cochrane@xxxxxxxxxxx>  2008-08-29 10:22:36 ---
Hi Greg,

The source code you have attached appears to be different than the source code
attached to CQ2446.  

Can you use the version of source attached to CQ2446?  If so, please obsolete
this attachment and simply point to the source (via comment on this CQ)
attached to CQ2446.  

If you require this version instead, we would be happy to review it for you. 
In that case, however, we will have to remove the piggyback notation (which is
limited to exact same version re-use) and put this CQ in our regular queue for



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