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Re: [tools-pmc] PMC Calls? Meetings?

Ok.  it was unclear how someone could "hack" the participant code since it is the participant code (as in it should not enable the call or anything).  So the question was really, does the entire community have to get a new code or just the people who have the moderator code.  You have answered, thanks.

So is the expectation that project teams DO NOT put either code on the websites, calendars, meeting invites, ...?  If so, there needs to be an education campaign.  Pretty much all the teams I know of put the participant code on their wiki, calendar, mailing list messages, ...


Bjorn Freeman-Benson wrote:
Um, not sure what you're asking.  The old participant and moderator codes were hacked (according to the provider) and so now we have new ones. We're trying to make sure that as each call comes around, the people who want to attend know about the new code.
 has that information (that the old code is invalid) been made public?  is it just the moderator code?  participant code?

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