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[tools-pmc] Re: Fwd: FW: [photran-dev] Moving Photran from Technology to be a component ofPTP

Jeff, Ralph,
Hmmm, so maybe Photran is not quite dead... I had assumed the project was dead because:
  1. update the project meta-data
  2. update the project website
  3. either utilize or delete the photran-dev mailing list (I see that you use photran@ instead of/in addition to? photran-dev@)
  4. schedule a Continuation Review including a review of the IP log of the project (
  5. explain why one committer is a "diverse committer community" or else what you are doing to increase the diversity of the committer community
Jeffrey Overbey wrote:
Ralph, what's this?  What's going on?  Since when are we a "dead project?"  Since when are we becoming part of PTP?  I didn't know any of this discussion was happening.  Since you're the project lead, I'm assuming you were in on it...
Ralph Johnson wrote:
Photran is not a dead project.  Why do you think it is?  We haven't
had a big release for a long time, but we have had small ones.
Well, no, you haven't had a release at all (no "Photran" on ).  A "release" of an open source project (such as Apache or Eclipse) is a defined event that corresponds to the community approving the code, the project team, and the IP cleanliness. Photran has never done that. You are, as far as I can tell, avoiding the official development process by creating 'betaN' builds and treating them as releases, but that does not mean that they are official "releases".

- Bjorn

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