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[tools-pmc] committer status change for Gail Murphy

Gail Murphy has been an inactive committer on Mylyn for some time and has
requested that her commit rights be removed.


I would like to take this opportunity to extend a sincere thank you to Gail.
Gail has played an instrumental role in the creation and evolution of the
Mylyn project and got her commit rights when we decided to move Mylyn from
UBC to Eclipse.  Gail's history with the project goes even further back, to
weekly blue-sky and white-board brainstorming sessions around which the
ideas behind the Task-Focused Interface formed.  Since that time she has
continued to provide mentoring and very valuable input to some of the
fundamental design discussions around the Mylyn UI.  We will continue to
rely on Gail's design input and can expect to see her name continue to pop
up in Bugzilla.


Mik Kersten 
Project Lead,

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