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[tools-pmc] AspectJ1.6.0/AJDT1.6.0 Release Review request

Hi all,

Finally we have upgraded AspectJ to be based on a more recent version
of the Eclipse compiler - and that has made AspectJ 1.6 compliant.
Please find the attached release review charts that I plan to use for
the release of AspectJ1.6.0 and AJDT 1.6.0 (AJDT will offer AspectJ
support in Eclipse 3.4).  If everything is OK, please can you confirm
to the emo that I'm ok to have a review.

If you have any questions, fire away...

many thanks,
Andy Clement
AspectJ/AJDT Development

Attachment: AspectJAJDT-v160-March08-ReleaseReview.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

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