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Re: [tools-pmc] Re: http and https for /svnroot/tools

Hi Bjorn,
I understand the problem. enforces things like this using much more caution then most other Open Source communities and for good reasons. I'm slowly learning to deal with that and even to sometimes (believe it or not), appreciate it. I can see the benefits of a well protected, IP-approved code-base.

So, I'll crawl back into my cave and do what I do best and stop complaining :-). Hmm, perhaps I'll stick my head out once in a while and say something about Subversion and LGPL, but that's another matter. ;-)

Thomas Hallgren

Bjorn Freeman-Benson wrote:
FYI, it's not just your project believing that you can resurrect the code if it gets destroyed, there's also a legal aspect to this: we (the Foundation) have to have a convincing argument that we have a complete and accurate trail of everyone who has modified the source code of a project. I.e., what if a subtle change was made by an anonymous person that GPL-poisoned the code base and then a member built a product on top of the code?

- Bjorn
Personally, I think that we are in good shape with respect to code protection. I'm sure you keep daily backups and if the absolute worse should happen and even the backups would burn there are still plenty of checked out sources around.

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