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[tools-pmc] Some Buckminster issues

I've been asked by Matt Ward (see below) to get your approval for adding anonymous http access to our SVN repository. Without it, people behind firewalls that prevent the svn protocol cannot access our source or run our demos. Can you please send an email to webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx where you request http access for /svnroot/tools?

Ideally, I'd like to have https access as well for our committers. This is allowed on /svnroot/technology but for some reason Matt is reluctant to allow it on /svnroot/tools. At present, Buckminster is the only project in tools that are using SVN. Needless to say, we'd be willing to take the risk since we think that the convenience that it brings in setting up the client by far overweights the added security risk. So from our standpoint, it would be very nice if you could request https access as well.

And just a humble reminder. Buckminster is still not visible on the page.

Kind Regards,
Thomas Hallgren


Hi Thomas,

This is because by default we don't expose SVN via http/https. We strongly recommend against using the https access method and it is enabled for the technology project only because there are committers behind a firewall that does not allow SSH connections. I can enable anonymous browsing via http but that request really should come from the Tools PMC.


Thomas Hallgren wrote:
I'm no longer able to access the Buckminster SVN repository using http and https. I'm not sure if that happened during the move from technology to tools or if it happened during the last two days when I encountered the other (SVNKit/JavaHL related) access problem.

Can you please check? I would like both http and https enabled if that's OK.

Thomas Hallgren

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