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RE: [tools-pmc] Another Project Leader

That's a good question. There really isn't a document process for this (as far as I know) and it doesn't happen very often. What we've done in the past is discussed any project lead changes at the PMC level and voted on it.
The same goes for the requirements. I'm not sure what they really are, and are probably less strict than the committer requirements. As a PMC, we need to be sure that the person would continue to grow the project, promote diversity, and uphold the rules of Eclipse. Or something like that...
Doug Schaefer
Engineering Manager, Wind River Systems
and Eclipse CDT Project Lead

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Hi PMC Members,
What's the procedure of nominating another project leader that will lead the project together with me?
What are the requirements from this nominee?
Yossi Leon
Product Manager, Development Tools
& PDT Project Leader
Zend Technologies, Ltd.
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